The following feedback was compiled by the Class Representatives from a myriad of sources including the official ESO forums, ESO Discord communities and the testing done on the Public Test Server. Some things you may or may NOT be discussing such as Dizzying Swing, Vampire Drain and Werewolves will not be seen on the notes but were noted by us and are being paid attention to. This feedback was strictly compiled for a meeting regarding Dragonhold PTS changes between the Class Reps and ZOS developers on the 25th of September, 2019.


Summary of Negatives

  • Change to Major Vulnerability only hurt PvP Necromancers, no shift in PvE meta.

  • Stamina and Magicka Sustain disparity is huge.

  • DoT change to 1.25x too much (1.8x?)

  • Change fatigue on a lot of the playerbase.

  • Necromancer in PvP feels very bad.

  • Permafrost duration is insanely long.

  • Stonefist does not feel viable in PvP, and doesn't feel good to use.

  • Bolt Escape: Ball of Lightning is too overtuned in what it provides.

  • Shadow Image range reduction feels hard to play with.

  • Mixed feelings about Master Resto change (overall better than Live)

  • PotL/Purifying Light shouldn’t crit AND get amps from allies.

  • New Bound Armaments feels slightly hard to work into a PvP combo/rotation and feels
    slightly underwhelming as a result.

  • DoT flavor for classes that rely on DoT playstyle (mDK, sDK) will be important if they are
    reduced overall.

  • Off Balance is too prevalent and heavily favors stamina users.

  • New skills that have been flavored (Swarm, Engulfing Flames, Clanfear, Stonefist) are
    too weak or expensive that they’re not worth using.

Summary of Positives

  • Necro tether unattached from GCD helped alleviate some pain points.

  • Warden stun is good (duration may be too short?)

  • New Netch feels good

  • New Sets are AWESOME

  • Bound Armaments looks cool.

  • 3 Piece Changes are AWESOME

  • Removing the root from Living Dark is a great change.

  • New Armor consolidation is great, lets players understand it easier and reduces

  • New 30 Day Campaign (no faction) lock is AWESOME (recommend unhoming people
    and also put it at the top for true test)

Specific Notes

1) DoT nerf was way too excessive especially in PvE so much so that the very weird Dual Wield with vMA Staff combo is one of the BIS setups for stam DPS as of PTS Week 1-2. Hand in hand with the cost increase, it's a bit too much.


2) Damage of Stonefist seems too low for a spammable on the current PTS and the cost of it is a tad bit expensive as well for Dragonknights.

3) Cutting Dive and Growing Swarm damage also seem a bit too low on the PTS. Consider having Growing Swarm play within the Warden's class toolkit by perhaps applying an additional effect for things like our other Animal Companion abilities. Also consider having Warden abilities to have secondary effects against chilled targets to play with the ice mage identity for mag Wardens.

4) Class DoTs could have a different, higher power budget compared to weapon/non-class DoTs which would alleviate the pain point of DoT-centric classes such as Dragonknights for Dragonhold.

5) Reducing the duration or damage of Colossus ultimate probably will not deter raid teams wanting to stack their entire roster with Stamina Necromancers. Decently-coordinated groups will have no trouble rotating Colossus ultimates and the disparity between Necromancer and the other classes will still be present. Perhaps a cooldown to Major Vulnerability like Off-Balance immunity would be more of an appropriate change than damage reduction or duration in this case as this would still require Necromancers to be brought to raids but pointless to stack 8-9 of them.


6) The Nightblade class seems to be focusing a lot more on mitigation and healing while losing out on damage. To illustrate this issue, the Two Hander skill-line is a lot better than the Assassination skill-line where Grim Focus and Death Stroke can be pretty hard to land or follow up on in PvP especially with the new cast time for Death Stroke which shares the same cast time as the Two Hander ultimate that's many times stronger and a cast time whereas other ultimates such as Cresecent Sweep does not have. Perhaps consider adding the stun back to Death Stroke to off-set the cast time and reward Nightblades for landing their skills On a final note, the Grim Focus bow proc heal is underwhelming.


7) The reduction to 22 meters from 28 meters on the Shadow Image for Nightblades seems unnecessary as it is one of the few defensive (and expensive!) skills left for Nightblades to use as skill-play. Nightblades won't be able to elude opponents in Cyrodiil especially around Towers or even most boulder/cliff areas. 28 meters seemed a perfect distance for maybe 1/3 of the time at the moment on Live. It shouldn't be treated as a traditional gap closer nor like Streak as it requires strategic placement/thinking.


8) It’s been said that feedback is wanted on the Off-Balance proc on Warden’s Dive (in terms of what distance it would feel best at). Instead of 12 meters, consider having it somewhere between 4 to 6 meters for both melee and ranged play.

9) Consider reworking Deceptive Predator as it must be double slotted to get a reliable uptime on Minor Evasion (which is not as worth as the Minor Berserk morph of Bird of Prey in the first place). Perhaps give a duration of Minor Evasion upon cast to free up bar space.

10) Some of the Warden passives may need adjustments such as Glacial Presence (very few ice-based damage skills so perhaps add a damage effect such as “more crit damage to chilled enemies”) and Icy Aura (perhaps make the snare reduction additive instead of multiplicative).


11) Templar, Warden and Necromancer have a class purge. Suggestion that Dragonknights, Sorcerers and Nightblades also get class purges.


12) Permafrost duration seems too long (and as a result a little overpowered).


13) Consider giving Dragonknights/Nightblades at least one more synergy as DK/NB healers only have one 99.9% of the time: Orbs. Every other class has a readily available synergy one way or another.


14) Necromancer healers lack certain things when compared to either the Warden or Templar healers in PvE such as a good sustain method (Templars have Rune, Wardens have Netches) and a fair burst heal (the Minor Defile in combination with using Expunge seem counterintuitive).


15) Consider raising the cap of Grand Healing to 3 or even 2 rather than keeping it at 1. After an entire patch, the overwhelming consensus from all healers regardless of level is that the healer playstyle is incredibly boring in PvE and it took skills or awareness away from the healers and simply forced the individual’s prior responsibility onto the group.

Fixes Required On PTS

  • Maelstrom Staff effect (Crushing Wall) only go up to 8 seconds rather than the entire 12
    second duration of Unstable Walls.

  • Twin Blade and Blunt is doing MORE DAMAGE than Rending Slashes.

  • Bastion damage bug needs to be fixed for further PTS testing

Class Representatives